Garden Party at Old Government House Brisbane

The Miss Fisher Exhibition had a Garden Party today at Old Government House, Brisbane

People sat on the grass in front of Government House dressed in the 20’s style

The Vintage car was popular to be photographed in front of..

A jazz ensemble entertained the party…


Glimpses of Brisbane from the Free Red Tourist Bus

Finally I got to take the free red bus around the city. I took it outside Government House and got off at the same spot. The trouble with taking photos was that all the windows had a picture of dots painted on..advertising…finally I moved to the sea next to the driver and got some photos through the window… Its well worth taking the 15 minute ride around Brisbane City.



I had planned to go around again but decided it was time to go home by bus, so got off at the Casino stop and walked to the bus depot. Brisbane is a very beautiful city


Polo Club…..I did not know there was a Polo Club in Brisbane City..


Dress Ups at the Miss Fisher Exhibition

Visitors enjoyed dressing up in furs and glittering Headbands and feathers..


A selection of garments and accessories were left for visitors to dress up in and this group of visitors certainly enjoyed the dressing up and being photographed…