Dawn Prayers at Temple WuTai Shan

We were at the Temple at 5am along with many cars also traveling to pray at sunrise. All the shops were open for business and the streets were as busy as they are in the day hours. Wu Tai Shan was alive at dawn.
It was quite dark when we arrived at the Temple.

After purchasing some incense and lotus shaped candles to light the incense with, we took our place alongside hundreds of devotees, including tourists in buses from all over China on this National day holiday.
Two burners were blazing their warmth in the centre of the courtyard, and it was here that incense was lit and after the prayer, the sticks were discarded giving the air a musky incense laden breath in the dawn.
To pray, one bows three times to each direction..North, East, South and West with the greeting and the prayer.
This was rather dangerous, as devotees kept their eyes closed, and hot ash fell and was blown by the light wind and scorched my hair and face, and burnt the jacket of one of our members.
It was very crowded, and very cold.

Then dawn came and the clouds tinted rosy pink above the skyline of the Temple and the surrounding Mountains.
It was a beautiful beginning to a new day.