Ping Ding Village Shanxi China

original name: Pingding
geographical location: Pingding, Shanxi, China, Asia
geographical coordinates: 37° 48′ 6″ North, 113° 36′ 46″ East

Ping Ding is 40 minutes by bus which costs 1 Yuan, from Yangquan.
The bus comes to the very busy city of Ping Ding which is full of markets and shops and very lively.
Then the bus winds up the mountain to where the coal is being mined.
here there are 2 villages on either side of the street.
There are residential apartments for the miners and workers.
There is an elementary school in the village behind the huge main school.

There are new apartments almost completed and soon the villagers will be moved into the new apartments which are right next to the original village.
the village is very old and beautiful with trees, shaded areas and a small market and meeting place, where residents can buy fresh produce and chat and mingle.

The other village is even older, with some beautifully built stone walls and courtyard and entrances.
The villagers each have their own plot of ground with their own private dwelling enclosed by high stone walls. They also have a plot of ground where they grow corn which is the main crop for this region.
They also grow some vegetables.

There is power and water in the homes, but no hot water except for those with solar, and villagers have to bathe in the Community bath houses and use the communal toilets which are placed in various positions.
There is a wonderful peaceful feel to the village. The people are friendly and very kind.
It was a wonderful experience visiting the village.

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