Stradbroke Island Ferries to Lamb Island

You can travel to Lamb Island using the Ferry from Stradbroke island ferries

Phone 07 3488 5300

Here is the ferry arriving at Lamb island.

The ferries travel every half in busy times and a bit longer during lesser busy times to the islands of Russell, Macleay, Karrigarri and Lamb Island

It is a beautiful ride to the islands over blue water and beautiful scenery of islands in the sun.

When the weather is colder, and in the evenings, it gets very cold waiting for the ferry so make sure you rug up well.. a warm scarf and jacket and boots

You can also get a vehicle barge and take your car. This costs $87 return for residents and double that for non residents making it a very expensive ride. Many people who live on the island have 2 cars and park one at Redland Bay or the mainland, or keep their vehicle and travel the mainland by the many buses that go almost everywhere from Redland Marina. You can also travel to Cleveland Station and take the train from there to wherever you wish to go. Transport takes time but you can travel where you wish from the island…at a cost

Here you can see both the Water Bus and the Vehicular Ferry viewed from lamb Island Jetty as they both travel to Lamb island on this beautiful morning


You can also visit Stradbroke Island with the same ferry service….this goes from Cleveland Marina to Dulwich on Stradbroke Island


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