Apple Tree Creek Queensland

Apple Tree Creek free Camping is next to the War Memorial and the Pony Club. There are toilets and playground here and it is a popular camping spot


The Hotel is next to the Park on the Isis Highway, and the hotel also offers free camping to Patrons behind the Hotel. Travelers are welcome here. There is also a bird Sanctuary across the road.. We stayed over night here on our way up north.



Southport is a suburb and the central business district near the midpoint of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and has one of the city’s largest communities. At the 2011 Census, Southport had a population of 28,315.[1]     Originally known as Nerang Creek Heads, it was named Southport because it was the southernmost port of the colony of Queensland.  Southport is recognised as the central business district of the City of Gold Coast.,_Queensland


A settlement was first surveyed in 1874 and the name Southport decided the following year.[2] Southport was once the site of timber mills.  A port was established to ship logs to Brisbane. The water way continues on to Brisbane, past South Stradbroke Island and between the Moreton Bay Islands. Today it is mainly the Tourist Cruise boats that use the water, and a few private cruisers.


I took the Light Rail from Surfers Paradise to Broadwater, where Meriton Apartments is located right opposite the Light Rail. There is a collection of restaurants and hairdressers on this corner, assuming that locals like to eat and have their hair cut and colored, and a little Chemist where the heat literally forced me to buy an upmarket sunhat to match the surroundings. This is not the raggle tag of Surfers Paradise where backpackers stroll around in the most motley of undress. This area is more upmarket where the shoppers wear designer hats and sunglasses, and elegantly probe the Supermarket shelves which are missing the ‘Odd vegetables’ and the bargain table. Same Supermarket brand, Woolworths, but high quality stockings catering for a different buying public. Everything here is better quality and with a slightly lower price. I bought grapes here for $5.90. Grapes were $7.90 in Surfers Paradise Woolworths and also Coles.

The Apartments line the river and the Meriton gave me the 52nd floor, with amazing views over the Broadwater with changing skies and water, and last night the golden Moon hovering above. The main road is just below the Hotel, and at night cars race along here with screaming noises, and police sirens and motor bikes breaking the otherwise peaceful evening, forcing me to close the always open soundproof glass doors, which effectively block all outside commotion. The River is beautiful. You can see all the way to South Stradbroke Island and its surf beaches that the surfers paddle out to from The Spit

This is the place for the sunrise, and last evening the reflection of the sunset was beautiful. The sky was pink with mares tail clouds whispering above and the entire water turned pink in the sunset. This was north too…

Across the green parkland that is everywhere, is Australia Fair Shopping Centre .I walked there following two boys headed for McDonald’s. It is a huge shopping complex with every shop imaginable, two supermarkets, six major stores, Event Cinema,  Broadwater Food Court hosting 16 multicultural food outlets, as well as another 22 food outlets including takeaway and restaurants.


There are 3 fitness centres here and all the usual shops, in a bewildering two stories with lifts and escalators and stairways all adding to the overall effect of confusion. The Centre itself is surrounded by more restaurants and eating places and apartments.


War Memorial

On 25 April 1922 (ANZAC Day) Southport War Memorial located at the foot of Nerang Street was dedicated by the Member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly for Albert, John Appel, in a presence of many Southport people.[13] In 2010, renovation of the parklands required the relocation of the memorial; it was re-dedicated on 11 November 2010…..and here it stands a lonely monument by the River.

From my Balcony I can see all the places across on the other side…. Marina Mirage,  Sea World, The Tavern, Peters  Fish market, and the  Southport Yacht Club

Brisbane River Walk at Southbank

You can walk along Brisbane River on both sides. One side has Southbank, which starts around the Kurilpa Bridge, the William Jolly Bridge and continues along past Victoria Bridge, then the Captain Cook Bridge, the Goodwill Bridge, the Story Bridge, and the Kangaroo Point Cliffs.


Captain Cook Bridge Pelicans from South Bank 

Each Area has its own beauty and character. The River Walk from Victoria Bridge as far as the Captain Cook Bridge is the Southbank Precinct and the most popular, as it has the Southbank Beach, and the Brisbane Wheel that many tourists come just to ride. They line up by busloads, with cameras and sunhats to take photos of Brisbane from the Wheel.


Brisbane Wheel and Victoria Bridge 

Southbank’s Street  Beach is where the Backpackers and the Asian tourists go to lie on the green banks and swim in the pools and picnic on laid out towels and the grass.There is no restaurants or shops in this area, simply gardens and sand and water and it is where the action is for everybody, including families with kids loving the water plays and the playgrounds.

Southbank Beach

East Meets West with the Two Finger Salute

Right at the end after the Goodwill Bridge, past the Maritime Museum is the Kangaroo Point Cliff Walk which is popular with the Joggers, walkers, photographers and the abseilers who climb the cliffs where they often have accidents because they do not have proper safety gear. I watched three men work as a team while one climbed up and down. On my return, six ambulances and police were in attendance as a climber had fallen. I had watched three young boys with a rope tossed over a tree at the top, and wondered at the time how safe this was, and also a young girl without any safety gear at all climbing the lower part of the cliff.

There are many bike riders along this path which has a special bike path just for bikes. One has to be careful walking here if your camera is looking upwards, as the bikes come speeding along and around curves in a huge hurry ringing bells if you are in their way not listening. You can hire bikes from here and ride a bike yourself

You can Hire a bike here at Southbank

The walk is very scenic with many birds and animals, and spiders with great webs, as well as the City Buildings on the opposite side. As you walk past the ferry stops and the jetties, there  are seats for viewing and resting, picnic areas with barbecues and statues and viewing places for Photography.  You can simply take the ferry back if you get tired, and the Free Red City Hopper has Thornton Street Ferry Terminal  as its last stop on this side of the River. The other ferries, known as Cats, stop every Jetty as far as Bretts Wharf, and the ride is well worth the photographs you get.

The red standing figure statues are visible from the other side of the river and as you ride the ferries.  Its called the Man and Matter and was created by Peter D. Cole  for the 1988 Expo. The statues are a part of this walk and Kangaroo Point

The River Walk is busy in the early mornings. The bank is lined with expensive apartments and residential buildings and people are walking dogs, jogging, riding bikes or just walking. It is a very beautiful walk along the river.

Marguerite Carstairs 

Rocky Point Russell Island


A Bridge to Russell Island via Rocky Point is the shortest distance and most cost effective route,distanced from mainland, urban lifestyle would maintain desired island living.A Rocky Point bridge will provide superior vehicle access to largest island,and provide short barge route access to other islands. This is the Point where the bridge would go across to the Mainland…

Russell Island power comes from the mainland across the Western Boating Channel and connects to Russell Island at Rocky Point, and continues on to service North Stradbroke Island.

Energex has recently completed a new Sub Station on Russell Island which will assist in evening out power fluctuations and give an improved power supply, plus they are currently in the process of putting underground power lines in to again assist with a consistent and less interrupted power supply. Energex are planning for future increased power consumption involving residential expansion and supply to all the Southern Moreton bay islands.

Russell Island  water comes from the lakes on North Stradbroke Island and the Sir Leslie Harrison Dam on the mainland which is part of the Redlands water catchment area, and is some of the best in the country.

The four Islands that make up the Southern Moreton Bay Islands are flood free, and  do not see those sort of floods that the rest of South East Queensland and Northern NSW experience. Naturally we get some overland water flow, but being small Islands, the water just runs off into the Bay with little effect on personal property.

These Islands are possibly one of the safest havens in South East Queensland, and remain undiscovered by a vast majority of Australians