Sunset Fraser Island August 4


The sky had a streak across like a feather and the clouds were blown across in trails like jet trails. As the sunset deepened in intensity the tendrils of wispy cloud intensified in color. It was intense, fiery and amazingly beautiful.

For some reason this sunset made me feel incredibly lonely and I kept trying to leave, but the sunset kept forcing me back to take another photo and admire the increasing intensity of the skies. I walked back to the enclosure to leave, but again I turned and took another photo.

The trails followed me back to my room where I took the last two photos from the verandah. The sunset just would not leave the sky. The trails swept the entire sky with brightening flames of color and it was so mesmerizing and so beautiful.

I waited for the sun to set before I left the sea, but still the colors pursued me as I walked back to Kingfisher Resort.


Fraser Island Day Tour



Fraser Island, located offshore from the tourist town of Hervey Bay, is the world’s largest sand island. The 123km long island has become popular as an eco-tourism venue, and it’s World Heritage listing ensures that it will stay that way.

Day tour from Kingfisher Resort on Fraser Island to Ellis Beach and the Pinnacles.

Ellis Beach is located on the northern side of a rocky outcrop that separates it from the bustling Palm Cove. … of the rocky outcrop at the southern end and the large Double Island that blocks the sea. Ellis Beach is long and thin, stretching for just over 1 kilometre. There is very little swell or surf here because of the rocky outcrop at the southern end and the large Double Island that blocks the sea. At the southern end of the beach the fishing is excellent

SS Maheno Wreck still stands quietly rusting on the sand. On the afternoon of 7 July,  while about 50 miles from the coast, the towline parted during a severe cyclone. Attempts to reattach the towline failed in the heavy seas, and the Maheno, with eight men aboard, drifted off and disappeared.

The ship was finally found on 10 July 1935, by an aircraft piloted by Keith Virtue, beached off the coast of Fraser IslandThe crew of the Mahenoset up camp onshore, waiting for the Oonah to arrive, which it eventually did on 12 July.  The ship was subsequently stripped of her fittings,  but attempts to refloat her failed, and eventually the wreck was offered for sale, but found no buyers.[13]

Since then, much of the ship has either been destroyed or disintegrated, and the visible remainder has become severely rusted. Because of the dangerous condition of the wreck, access is prohibited. The Australian Department of Defence lists the wreck as a site of unexploded ordnance (UXO) contamination, even though there are no records of it being used as a live firing target during World War II, nor of any UXO recovered from the site

Central Station. Wanggoolba Creek was a Butchulla woman’s area and birthing place where men were  excluded. This large clearing was later the headquarters of Fraser Island’s forestry operations from 1920 until the late 1950s.  An old logging village was also located here from days when tree felling was permitted on Fraser.  Central Station, Fraser Island was once home to around 30 houses and a school was also built for the children of the loggers.  Today the picnic area reflects the island’s forestry past

Lake McKenzie (Boorangoora) is a perched lake on Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia.[1] The lake is located in the Great Sandy National Park.

The lake is located 6.2 km southeast of Kingfisher Resort. It is 1,200 metres long and up to 930 metres wide. It is approximately 150 hectares in area.

The sands around the lake are composed of pure, white silica and the water in the lake is also so pure it is unsuitable for many species

Trees on Fraser Island…Bush walk to the Summit


I did not walk all the way…but almost to the top…The Kingfisher Bay Resort is edged with a dingo proof fence for security.  The island was originally a timber industry with timber exported all around the world. It is now a conservation island protected and cared for.

DSCN9073 DSCN9074 DSCN9081 DSCN9085 DSCN9087 DSCN9088 DSCN9090 DSCN9095 DSCN9102 DSCN9103

DSCN9107 DSCN9109 DSCN9111 DSCN9115 DSCN9118

Sunset… Kingfisher Bay Fraser Island 15 January 2014..and Moonrise



DSCN9173 DSCN9174 DSCN9180 DSCN9190 DSCN9192 DSCN9193 DSCN9200 DSCN9207DSCN9182 DSCN9193 DSCN9210 DSCN9212 DSCN9215 DSCN9217 DSCN9234DSCN9220 DSCN9222 DSCN9227 DSCN9242I walked to the Jetty and to the end of the Pier where I stayed for the sunset.

On the east I saw the moon rise behind the there was a sunset on one side of the bay and the moonrise on the other.
Video of the sunset…

Beach Walk and Low Tide Fraser Island

It was a very low tide today on Fraser Island

Soldier Crab droppings low tide Fraser IslandMangrove at Low tideSoldier Crabs are prolific on the island. As well as their droppings,  Skates create hollows from hiding in the sand flapping sucking up sand and soldier crabs that make up their diet.

DSCN8932 Walking the low tide DSCN8939 DSCN8942 DSCN8949 Segway off the tracks..Tracks from the Segway make patterns in the sand as I walk back to the resort after the Ranger walk along the beach


Kingfisher Bay Resort Fraser Island

Beach Fraser island

World Heritage-listed Fraser Island is a rare and beautiful holiday destination, at the start of the Great Barrier Reef, offering a refreshing change from the bustle of mainland Australia and the resort islands of Queensland’s north.


The island’s untamed wilderness and rugged, natural charm entices from the first, providing 4WD adventure and excitement, but also a relaxing atmosphere from your base here at beautiful, eco-friendly Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Once here, slip into island living and explore the hundreds of tracks which criss-cross the world’s largest sand island.  Immerse yourself in the ancient rainforests, which flourish in dune valleys, colored sand cliffs on Seventy-Five Mile Beach or the mirrored lakes, ringed with gold…

Pool area at Resort rooms...One of the accommodation Huts at the end is mine…overlooking a waterlily pond and looking over to the beach and the Jetty..a beautiful view.

Ceiling and shape like a ship..Inside the ecologically designed resort it is like being in a huge ship overlooking the swimming pool…water.

Kingfisher ResortOutside the building again blends into the environment and is ecologically friendly with sloping roof curved with interior shutters designed to catch the light and seabreezes and water from underwater springs.

The building is located within the natural habitat of plants and animals with paths above ground so animals do not feel restricted. All the lower rooms provide access to the wetlands and bush where you can wander and then return to your room.

Walking paths walking to the roomsIt is environmentally friendly, researched and developed by a huge band of researchers to make the most of the environment which has to the naturally sustainable as well as ecologically friendly. All rooms have a view…

Banksia rooms,,